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Advertiser Charter | Our Promise to You

When you choose a business partner, what is your most important consideration? Almost certainly, it is trust. When it comes to marketing your business, in a world full of misinformation and unregulated fake news, trust is more valuable than ever.

Here we set out some of the things that set us apart and make a difference. A difference you can depend on.


Your advertising message will appear alongside news that local people value and trust.

Our trained, qualified editorial teams operate independently and we do our best to ensure that everything we publish is checked, verified and true. We always aim to be balanced and representative.

We are a member of the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO), the largest independent regulator of newspapers in the UK.


More than ever, you need to reach people who trust what they are reading.

Our audience relies on us for the facts. On many occasions, we become their voice and campaign on their behalf. Local press in print and digital is the most trusted source of local information, trusted more than three times as much as social media channels such as Facebook (YouGov 2018).

For further peace of mind, our audience numbers are independently audited and verified to the highest industry standards.


Our teams are committed to making sure your message hits home. From taking your brief to planning, designing and delivering your campaign, we’re there every step of the way.

We always aim to get things right the first time, but if something should go wrong, we will resolve it as quickly as possible.


Our portfolio includes leading newspapers, magazines and websites, as well as radio and TV in Kent. We can also help you with a wide range of digital marketing solutions, recruitment and events. Our trained and experienced advisers will help you make the right choice to suit your marketing objectives and budget.


We’re here for you and the local community. Unlike some media organisations, we are an independent, family-owned business. We are not beholden to institutional investors and international ownership. Everything we do is done with your interests at heart.


Local is in our DNA and in some markets we can trace our origins back more than 300 years. Our news brands are at the heart of the communities they serve and we are dedicated to them. Wherever we can, we contribute to local economies directly and also by helping local businesses to connect with local people.


We are a British company, creating British jobs, paying British taxes and, wherever possible, working with British suppliers.

Put trust at the heart of your marketing with Iliffe Media Group

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