House Rules

Iliffe Media Limited welcomes your opinions. Reader comments are post-moderated, meaning we do not check or approve them before they go live on our websites. However, we will remove any comments brought to our attention which breach the house rules.

Rule 1: Report abuse

We support the community in self-moderating comments on our websites. If you see a comment which you believe breaches house rules, please notify us immediately via the ‘report abuse’ button or by emailing your local editorial team using the ‘Contact Us’ form on your local website. We will then review the comment and remove if necessary. Please do not respond directly to people posting offensive comments or spam as this will look odd when the original is removed. Do not report comments as abusive simply because you disagree with the point they are making.

Rule 2: Language and relevance

Please treat other users with respect. You are welcome to express strong opinions, but do not abuse or insult other guests. Do not use swear words or racist, crude or sexist language. This is a public forum, so please remember that people of different ages will read your comment. In the case of stories involving a death, bear in mind that relatives are likely to read your comments so you should seek to avoid causing them any additional distress. Our system automatically blocks certain offensive words and phrases. If you believe a legitimate comment is being wrongly blocked, please contact us using the ‘Contact Us’ form on your local website. Do not impersonate another user or public figure. Please stay on topic and do not post messages pointing out grammatical errors in other users’ contributions.

Rule 3: Privacy

Do not submit private information such as telephone numbers or email addresses relating to yourself or any other person.

Rule 4: Legal

Comments will not be enabled on certain stories. These include ongoing court cases or any other articles relating to incidents where legal proceedings are active. Remember, you are legally responsible for what you post. Do not write anything which is Libellous, Defamatory or misleading, Threatening or abusive, Liable to prejudice any pending or ongoing legal proceedings.

Rule 5: Advertising

You are not permitted to use our site to advertise any comments or services. Spam will be removed as soon as it is reported.

Rule 6: Use of disposable email addresses

User accounts which are not created via social media logins must use a permanent, personally-owned email account. The use of temporary, disposable email addresses is not permitted, and any accounts found to use these will be removed.

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